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| 1 minute read

Not another MIPIM's not, honest!

It's a week since an array of real estate folk made the annual pilgrimage to Cannes and I have read lots of perspectives and looked at lots pictures of people with a combo of all or some of the sun, sea and Rosé featured. Lots of navy gilets too, which seems to have become the MIPIM uniform… I obvs didn't get the memo!

Back here in the UK you could be forgiven, if like me it's all felt a lot harder to be in the UK real estate industry… or so I thought till I spent a couple of weeks in Asia in February. Soooooo interesting when you see things through someone else's lens… top three takeaways from those I spoke to, who continue to want to invest in UK real estate:

  1. Given the geopolitical landscape globally, the UK looks an even safer place.
  2. Still regarded as politically stable, whilst we had a bit of a hiccup with our choices of leaders, comparatively they are not so bad.
  3. Our rule of law and highly regarded universities are still valued and respected - even if we have been doing our best to make ourselves less attractive to ‘immigrants’.

Good to be reminded that we can still be an attractive market to long term investors!

Off to the Middle East after Eid, so let's see whether investors from that region apply a different lens…


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