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Making sense of EU and UK financial data rules

A raft of regulation surrounds financial data collection and sharing in the EU and UK, creating a complex environment for financial companies. There is only more to come, particularly from the EU which is focused on facilitating sharing financial data to foster innovation and benefit consumers, while also ensuring the data is protected. And that's on top of financial regulatory requirements. As a result, financial companies face overlapping compliance requirements which are continually changing as opportunities like embedded finance and digital identities evolve and new players enter the arena.

What's top of the financial data and cyber security compliance agenda? You can read detailed updates about incoming and existing legislation in our Financial Data edition of our Global Data Hub, together with articles on the role of Big Data in embedded finance, the UK's joint data transformation programme, and digital identities in financial services.

Data plays a crucial role in delivering optimal embedded finance experiences. The secret to success lies in using data to anticipate customers' needs and offer the right product at the right time. Big Data, AI and ML are key to that.


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